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Kot, Małgorzata AnnaThe use of intentional fracturing in bifacial tool production in the Middle Palaeolithic672020
Sauer, F., Uthmeier, Th.Geomorphological Diversity and Habitat Variability. A Model of Late Palaeolithic Catchment Composition in Northern Bavaria672020SI: Zip file
Heinen, MartinAuerochsenjäger in der Niersaue bei Mönchengladbach

Wild, Markus; Gehlen, Birgit; Street, MartinAntler Headdresses. Implications from a
many-faceted study of an earliest Mesolithic
Pasda, Clemens; Weiß, MarcelZur Funktion von Magdalénien-Stationen672020
DiverseBook reviews - Buchbesprechungen672020